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Friday, January 29, 2010

Some facts about figure skating!!

  1. Michelle Kwan won 8 gold World titles
  2. Yu Na Kim first to win Gold world title for Korea
  3. Elite figure skaters take other activities just to help skating. Like ballet, gymnastics, hip hop, yoga, and other activities.
  4. There are two different edges when you skate. Inside edge and outside. (Very important when it comes to jumps and spins)
  5. There are 6 different types of jumps. Waltz/Axel jump, Saw Cow, Toe loop, Loop, Flip, and Lutz. They are grouped into 2 different families based on the way the take off.
  6. Many different positions for spinning. But grouped into 3 main positions/ families. Up right, sit position, and camel.1)
  7. In the old days, figure skating competitions where based on the pattern made on the ice, not the types of moves or "tricks" the figure skaters do.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I landed my Triple toe loop

Hey guys! Guess what I did?!?! I landed my first 3 toe (also known as triple toe loop)!!!!! The 3 toe is a "trick" in figure skating. This is a very difficult jump that takes off backwards, jumps in the air, and rotate 3 whole revolutions in the air. When you land (ending of the jump), you land on one foot, backwards, with a nice stretched out beautiful position.

What was really great is that today was also my coaches birthday!!! I gave him the ultimate present! And he also gave me mine. You see, he decided to make a little contest among his students. There are about 4 of us around the same level, all really close to getting the jump. So he said "who ever lands the first 2Axel or 3 jump, they get a digital camera!" Well . . . I was the first one to land it out of the 4 of us, so that means i got it! YUPS!! I love it!

Today was just a wonderful wonderful day!!!!
I am so happy!!! :P

I love figure skating

This blog is all about figure skating. I chose this subject to blog about because it is a big part of my life. I do it almost everyday, and take great joy and pride into it. I love skating and wish to share what I think of it with others. I talk about all things possible about skating, because i just love it.

Little me!!!

Little me!!!
Aint I cute??!?!! :)


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